Plumber Rates for Chelmsford, Essex

Here at Chelmsford Plumbing Solutions we have a slightly different approach than most other plumbing companies when it comes to our estimates, quotes and pricing methods. This is because we are so confident in the prices and services we provide, that we believe you will see clear value for money when comparing our hourly and daily rates with other plumbing and heating companies in Chelmsford Essex.

Hourly Rates:

Our First Hour is charged at £75*, then £50 for each hour thereafter as set out in the table below. However you will only be charged in half hour increments at half the amounts shown:

Normal Hours

Labour Only
Per Hour 1 Man 2 Men (if needed)
Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm £ 50 £ 75

Out of Hours**

Labour Only Per Hour 1 Man 2 men (if needed)
Mon - Fri 5pm - 10pm £ 75 N/A
Mon - Fri 10pm - 8am £100 N/A


8am - 5pm £ 75 £ 105
Sat 5pm - 8am £ 100 N/A
Sun 8am - 12am £100 N/A

Daily Rates:

Labour Only 1 Man
2 Men (if needed)
Mon - Sat £ 250 £ 400
Sun £ 300 £ 500


If we arrive at your house between Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm and we are there:
Up to 1 hour you will be charged £75.
Up to 1 hour 30 mins you will be charged £100 (75+25)
Up to 2 hours you will be charged £125 (75+50)

If we arrive at your house between Mon - Fri 5pm – 10pm and we are there:
Up to 1 hour you will be charged £75.
Up to 1 hour 30 mins you will be charged £112.50p (75+37.5)
Up to 2 hours you will be charged £150 (75+75)

If we arrive at your house between Mon - Fri 10pm – 8am and we are there:
Up to 1 hour you will be charged £100.
Up to 1 hour 30 mins you will be charged £150 (100+50)
Up to 2 hours you will be charged £200 (100+100)

If we arrive at your house between Sat – Sun 5pm – 8am and we are there:
Up to 1 hour you will be charged £100.
Up to 1 hour 30 mins you will be charged £150p (100+50)
Up to 2 hours you will be charged £200 (100+100)

If we were at your house and the hourly rate adds up to and goes over what our dailey rate is then the charge reverts and stops at our day rate to save you money.

*If this falls within our “Out of Hours” which is higher then the higher rate will be charged for the first hour and continue at that rate.

**Please note when working in our “Out of Hours” time zone, if the problem cannot be rectified within 2 hours we would normally just make the situation safe and book in to come back at a time which is more convenient for you. This will also save you money.

Also look below for a list of itemised plumbing jobs and what their costs* would normally be if we were to carry them out.

See what's included in our Plumbers Hourly and Daily Rates

Please note: We do not normally price or estimate small jobs!
Reason: Time spent visiting properties to gather information, then time spent in the office preparing quotes, can equal lots of wasted time. This wasted time is known as "non productive labour".

To maintain non productive labour, companies simply add this onto their hourly and daily rates, meaning the clients that they actually do work for, end up paying for the time wasted pricing jobs they do not get.

It basically becomes an overhead, so you the customer, will end up paying for this time rather than just paying for the time an engineer spends at your home on your job. By limiting our "non productive labour" we are able to offer lower rates and prices.

Although we do not normally waste time pricing and estimating work, we have produced a guide below showing you how much different aspects of work we carry out should take and cost*.

Gas Landlord Safety Check
Landlord Gas Safety Check (1 appliance): £ 50
Each additional appliance thereafter: £10

Boiler Servicing (Natural Gas only)
Wall Hung Boiler: £ 50*

Floor Standing Boiler: £ 70*

Boiler Change - Wall Hung (Natural Gas only)
Conventional Heating Only Boiler £ 400*

Combination Boiler:  £ 450*

Cylinder Change
Copper Cylinder (open vent): £ 300*

Unvented Cylinder: £ 375*

Bathroom Suite changeover
3 piece Bathroom suite change over using like for like sanitary ware, needing minor alterations to existing copper and plastic waste pipe £600*

Central Heating Related Works

Central Heating Repairs

Change a radiator like for like:     £    200

Change Radiator valves**:          £     50

Change Central Heating Pump:    £    100

Central Heating Zone Valves
Change 2 port zone valve:        £    100
Change 3 port zone valve:        £    100

Change Room Thermostat:        £     50

Change Cylinder Stat:               £    50

Central Heating Power Flush
Up to 10 Radiators:                     £  350
Each Additional Radiator over 10: £    30

*This does not include the time spent draining and refilling the heating system or the supplying of replacement chemicals such as Inhibitor. Add £20 if Inhibitor needed.

Central heating Installation
1 Bed Flat - 5 rads & combi boiler:  £ 1250**

2 Bed Flat - 6 rads & combi boiler:  £ 1450**

3 bed Flat - 7 rads & combi boiler:  £ 1600**

1 Bed House - 7 rads & combi boiler:  £ 1800**

2 Bed House - 8 rads & combi boiler:  £ 1950**

3 Bed House - 9 rads & combi boiler:  £ 2100**

Additional Costs for Traveling
All of the above mentioned rates are related to works that are situated within a 10 mile radius of Chelmsford City Centre. If your job is outside this radius then we can still carry out your work, but there will be an additional cost added to cover travel time and expenses. This cost can be calculated easily by using our hourly rate prices.

Our Payment Terms and Conditions
On work completion the engineer on-site will complete a job sheet. This job sheet will show full details of labour time and materials used to allow easy calculation of invoice. You will be supplied with a copy of this as your invoice and payment is required on receipt of this invoice.

General Questions Related to Our Plumbing & Heating Prices

Q. What does like for like changeover mean?
A. It means replacing a part with the same size part without the need to drain down and amend or adapt any related pipework.

Q. What does unforeseen mean?
A. Unforeseen means any obstructions that are not visible until building materials are removed i.e removing floorboards then finding a metal lintel in the way.

Q. What does complications mean?
A. Complications means localised parts/components breaking or isolation valves seizing when carrying out works resulting in the complete draining down of a system and/or the replacement of additional parts.

Q. Why would complication happen?
A. This problem is normally associated with old, worn and never serviced components or part such as isolation valves.
When isolation valves break the complete system has to be drained and the isolation valves replaced. This takes more time and more material cost

**Please note: All prices set out above are based on LABOUR ONLY with the work being straightforward and with no unforeseen problems arising. Additionally these prices assume that all areas associated with the work are: exposed, clear, accessible and safe to work.



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